UAE Bans BlackBerry Data

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/>An unlocked cellphone is one thing, but the United Arab Emirates is taking issues with Research in Motion, the Canadian company that makes BlackBerry. Starting October 11th, users will be blocked from transmitting data through these smart phones. Why are they picking on BB? Good question.

Countries have two ways of monitoring data usage. The first involves reading the servers within a country’s jurisdiction. The second involves the points where data enters the country. For services like Blackberry’s, a lone email provider is neither readable nor local, which means untrackable data, and for even the least extreme of Arab countries – censorship.

The UAE also blocks porn, gambling, terrorism, anti-Islam, top Israeli domains, social networking, hacking steps, and Voip sites. And they are not the only ones. India, China, and Saudi Arabia have all taken issue with Research in Motion, requesting that they install servers within national boundaries so that governments can monitor data.

Thus, Emiratis will have to look elsewhere to get their data fix. An unlocked cellphone is always an option, as are iPhones. And cheap cell phone accessories are ever popular, and cannot be restricted. So take faith, Islam. You can choose data from another mega-corporation, like an American one.

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