Clear Away Holiday Tinsel with the HAAN Steam Mop

electronics dealsIf there was ever a time to have inefficient cleaning supplies, now is definitely not the time you want to find that out! In the wake of holiday cheer and a lot of tinsel everywhere, you need an accessory that can rid you of the worst part about hosting a party: the aftermath. For all ye olde mop heads, meet the HAAN SI-40, the agile steam mop with swivel guides and carpet glide attachments.

While the model number sounds like one of our usual electronics deals, you do not need to be computer-literate to use it; the SI-40 is remarkably simple. With an easy-to-fill and removable water tank, the mop is immediately ready for 25 minutes of intensive steam cleaning. The 15 powerful steam jets effectively eliminate up to 99.9% of general household germs, including bacteria and dust mites. Without chemicals, too!

And just because this is a mop does not mean it is forever bound to flat surfaces. The HAAN comes with a premium carpet glide attachment, so you can sanitize and deodorize soft floors and rugs with ease. Use the swivel head to maneuver around furniture legs and under tables. Do not delay! At 54% off, we will only carry the SI-40 until sold out!

XtremeMac InCharge Cuts the Cables in Your Music System

online dealsIn the beginning, there were those cassette player adapters. You know the ones we mean. On long family car trips you would slide in the cassette and plug in the flimsy 3-foot cable to your Discman with the 180-second anti-skip protection. That was one way of sharing your new Breeders CD with passengers. Then there was the FM transmitter, which connected to your first generation iRiver and allowed you to play on 87.9. That was pretty cool.

But thank heaven for strides in electronics and electronics deals! This week, we are starting off with a full stock of the XtremeMac InCharge Bluetooth Audio Receiver and 10W Charger. All you really need to know, is that you can play music wirelessly. And no, we are not talking about those fickle FM frequencies. This is Bluetooth, so it is blazing fast and super easy. Just one push of the button triggers the LED indicator and guarantees tight connectivity.

If your stereo or music system contains a line-in jack, you already have everything you need. Whether at the home or the office, your music player can become a wireless audio receiver with just a few simple plug-ins. The XtremeMac setup also allows you to charge your smartphone or tablet device, making these online deals extra enticing.

Connect Macs and PCs with the Apple Airport Express

electronics dealsWhen you think of modern networking hardware, you probably hesitate to come up with an image that is pleasant to look at. Then again, you probably have not met the latest Apple AirPort Express Base Station yet. Flaunting a super sleek and compact shape, the Express can be considered a mini version of the AirPort Extreme, but with no shortage of features.

Until sold out, the newest AirPort Express will retail for only $84.99, or 15% off its regular price of $99.99. Perhaps the greatest addition in this model is true dual-band networking. This means the router broadcasts in both 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz frequencies. Because the Express operates in a higher frequency than home appliances and cell phones, the performance speed improves exponentially.

Casual router users may be most excited about the audio jack. With this, you can plug in your analogue or digital stereo system to the router and play your iTunes library wirelessly from your computer, iPhone, or iPad. Not only that, both Macs and Windows PCs can connect to the router for printing and general web surfing. Make haste,  friends. Like our other online deals, our stock meter will not stay full for long– especially with an Apple product!

Stay Safe with the Olight Triton Flashlight

online dealsYou never know when you may need a flashlight. Well, actually– you do know: when it gets dark. But you cannot always predict when you will find yourself hurtling headfirst into darkness, so a flashlight is a good thing to have.

Not one of our standard electronics deals, the Olight Triton M30 flashlight is nevertheless well-crafted and essential. The build quality is rugged, dependable, and perfect for both wild excursions and finding that basement fuse box on the fritz. The Triton M30 also benefits from direct input from law enforcement and military professionals. And for those who think operating a flashlight is too simple with only the click of a button, the M30 sports three brightness levels and a strobe setting for either life-and-death emergencies or trippy parties.

If this flashlight still is not tough enough for you, both sides feature a removable striking bezel for “close quarter combat defense.” Yes, this flashlight doubles as a weapon but let us not forget its more practical advantages like battery life. The M30’s advanced digital power management system guarantees consistent brightness, even if you use up its maximum 80-hour runtime. All of these make this flashlight one of our greatest online shopping deals yet!