Clear Away Holiday Tinsel with the HAAN Steam Mop

electronics dealsIf there was ever a time to have inefficient cleaning supplies, now is definitely not the time you want to find that out! In the wake of holiday cheer and a lot of tinsel everywhere, you need an accessory that can rid you of the worst part about hosting a party: the aftermath. For all ye olde mop heads, meet the HAAN SI-40, the agile steam mop with swivel guides and carpet glide attachments.

While the model number sounds like one of our usual electronics deals, you do not need to be computer-literate to use it; the SI-40 is remarkably simple. With an easy-to-fill and removable water tank, the mop is immediately ready for 25 minutes of intensive steam cleaning. The 15 powerful steam jets effectively eliminate up to 99.9% of general household germs, including bacteria and dust mites. Without chemicals, too!

And just because this is a mop does not mean it is forever bound to flat surfaces. The HAAN comes with a premium carpet glide attachment, so you can sanitize and deodorize soft floors and rugs with ease. Use the swivel head to maneuver around furniture legs and under tables. Do not delay! At 54% off, we will only carry the SI-40 until sold out!

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