The Beat Goes On with 10-packs of DCX Headphones

deal websitesFrom portable audio devices to iPhones to movie-watching on your laptop, headphones are nothing short of essential nowadays. But despite their importance, most of us have lost countless sets of them in the course of our lives to date.

It’s a reasonably familiar scenario: you are already late for work, eager to listen to that new podcast you just downloaded in an attempt to not fall asleep on the train to work, and yet your headphones are nowhere to be seen as you rush out the door. You rifle through your laundry basket, contemplate searching through the trash and eventually give up and resign yourself to the boring task of having to spend your lunch-break trekking to a store to buy a new pair.

Good news – until sold out Ice Monkey – the leader in electronic deals –  will be offering 10-packs of DCX noise-isolating headphones at a deeply discounted price! By purchasing a full 10 sets of headphones, you will have to do a lot of misplacing before your stock dries up. With a 1 year warranty, and a complete steal at the price of just $9.99 (reduced from $49.99), this 10-pack of headphones allows you to strategically place sets in the car, at your work desk, in your bedroom or even in your gym bag, so that you will never have to go without.