Remote Control Flying Fish For Endless Fun

until sold outYes, really.

Aside from conventional consumer electronics deals on practical products such as Blackberry phones and handy chargers, Ice Monkey is also dedicated to bringing you the chance to own some truly unorthodox electronics. Consider our recently launched until sold out sale on remote control giant inflatable flying fish. We are not kidding.

Have you ever visited an aquarium and experienced an urge to splash around in the vats, rather than simply peer at them through glass? Well, this is probably the closest you will get to swimming among marine life.

With complete up, down and 360° turning capabilities, you have complete control over the movement of your flying fish, simply through the use of an infrared remote. The kooky product also comes with an in-built autopilot feature which allows the fish to move freely at whichever of the 3 speeds you have chosen to set it to. Some more of this oddity’s special features are listed below:

  • Crafted from mylar for impressive durability
  • Choice of a shark or clownfish
  • Completely reinflatable
  • Ability to move up to 40ft away from remote

Suitable for children, yet equally appealing to adults of a light-hearted disposition, this giant flying fish (to be viewed towards the bottom of ‘Featured Deals’) will see you and your kids entertained for hours on end.