Online Deals on Household Essentials

Who says spring is the only season suited for sprucing up your home? Here at Ice Monkey, we’re ringing in the summer with a range of new online shopping deals for your home, from items to optimize hygiene to deals to make your weekly cleaning that little bit more convenient.

Here are a couple of our top picks:

2-piece Ozium glycol-ized air sanitizer: Clinically proven to eliminate, rather than simply mask, odors, these Ozium air sanitizers dispense micron sized particles which float in the air and attach to airborne bacteria, effectively ridding your home of malodors, leaving it fresh and summer-ready.

Retailing for just $7.99, these 2-piece packs are reduced form $39.99

24-packs disposable chemical-free cleaning pads: Free from irritating chemicals, these cleaning pads are manufactured from innovative cleaning fiber which makes for efficient clean-up of all those summertime stains including crayon, marker, scuff marks, dirt, soap scum and more. Simply wet the pad with water, squeeze out the excess, rub gently on the stained surface and dispose of the pad once the white foam has deteriorated (after several uses).

Currently on sale for just $9.99, these 24-packs are discounted from an original price of $19.99

See below just how easy removing stubborn stains is with these online deals:

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