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electronics dealsKeeping your home up to date can come at a pretty high price if you fail to shop around. From new furnishings to the latest in home convenience tools and gadgets, it’s easy to rack up quite a bill when keeping up with the Joneses. So why not save with our new online shopping deals that make updating your home entirely affordable?

Up the cleanliness of your kitchen, while lessening mess with the Innovia automatic paper towel dispenser. Available now for $55.99, reduced from $119, this  kitchen accessory is equipped with an infrared sensor, requiring you to simply pass your hand over the machine to have a fresh, clean paper towel dispensed. Perfect for cleaning up spills and wiping hands while preparing food, this item is retailing until sold out!

And make even more savings with the M&M’s digital coin counting money jar. We all know a coin jar is a convenient way of saving for a rainy day, but when it comes to actually counting how much you’ve accrued, it’s more frustrating than fun. This neat deal counts coins as you drop them in and displays your current total on a LCD display. Get it now for just $9.99, down from $19.

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