Until Sold Out Deals for Party Hosts

until sold outAre you particularly partial to hosting dinner parties? Fancy yourself as a domestic god(dess)?

Then, you simply can’t miss out on the amazing savings available on IceMonkey.com now.

Among our many online shopping deals live right now, you can find the following entertaining essentials:

Impress even the most discerning of wine connoisseurs with the digital wine thermometer. Featuring a large backlit display, this tool allows you to exactly pin-point the temperature of your favorite wine to ensure it’s served at its best. It includes the optimal serving temperatures for a total of 60 different wines and fortified wines, and conveniently beeps once the wine has reached the desired temperature.

Available now for just $6.99, down from $19.99.

Planning a Japanese-themed culinary celebration? Check out the current deal on non-stick 8″ sushi knives. These high-quality kitchen tools feature a non-stick coating and holes integrated into the blade of the knife which also prevent food from sticking to the surface. Additionally, they sport a rocker blade design and a very sharp stainless steel blade which make for effortless preparation of raw fish, vegetables, meat, and more.

Priced at $7.99, reduced from an original list price of $30.

Finally, stock up on kitchen utensils with the 5-piece sets now on offer for just $9.99, discounted by 50% from $19.99!

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