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Our increasingly online world necessitates that we’re connected to the Internet at least once a day. Because of this, it’s easy to argue that people are too glued to their phones, but we think that’s oversimplifying things. That would mean that people are controlled by their phones instead of using them to increase their productivity. But the reality is that as technology becomes more and more sophisticated, so does the way people use them.

At Ice Monkey, we have several electronics deals on items that will allow you to use technology to your advantage. Android, the operating system which today’s daily deal uses, is a testament to the increasing sophistication of technology. The Motorola Droid X MB810 is among Motorola’s most sophisticated model phones in recent years, and equipped with the most recent Droid OS, users can customize their smartphone experience endlessly.

Of course, there’ s a learning curve to using smartphones to your advantage; but don’t you read the instructions before using a power drill to install a new shelf? Don’t be so afraid of the complexity of technology that you refuse to use it!

Similarly, one should never be afraid of the price of technology. With our daily deals, you don’t have to! This smartphone is on sale today for a mere $59, until sold out!

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