Keeping Up With The Times

xoomWe’ve all seen it. The need to have all of your information accessible all at once has become a widespread commonality. People no longer leave their work at their desk, but rather take it with them wherever they go. The changing times have put forth a need for portable easily accessible information for all.

Ice Monkey has taken note of these changes in daily lifestyle and electronic dependency, and has been offering some breaks to the consumer, ultimately enabling them to afford some of these items.

Right now the Motorola XOOM 10.1″ Tablet is available until sold out at a fraction of it’s retail price. Initially costing $599.99, you can own this item for 67% less at $199.99. This tablet is for use with the Verizon service, and capable of using 4G LTE. With a 32GB capacity and the Google Android 3.0 operating system, this product will get you what you need when you need it, regardless of location.

In addition to the XOOM, Ice Monkey has additional online shopping deals on a few other tablets. The apple iPad is currently available for 40% off of it’s retails price at just $289.01. Keeping up with the times is a must if you want to be successful, and Ice Monkey can help you get there!

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