New Electronics Deals from Logitech

When you think technology, you think Logitech. The company has been at the forefront of producing computer products for years, with top quality keyboards, mice, webcams and more. IceMonkey has two awesome electronics deals on Logitech products for tech lovers!

The Logitech Gaming Keyboard G510 is the perfect accessory for gamers with game panel LCD and custom-color back-lighting. You can customize the controls to exactly your preferences to get the best gaming experience. Get all the details on the keyboard’s capabilities by clicking the image below. It’s available for just $60 – that’s 70% off – from IceMonkey.

Logitech Gaming Keyboard

For Windows 8 users who want the best touch technology, the Logitech Rechargeable Touchpad T650 is for them. The touchpad’s sensors allow for amazing accuracy on all 13 possible gestures and its glass surface gives you effortless smooth control of navigation.  It’s easy to charge by USB and the charge lasts one month. Get it at 68% off for just $29 until sold out!

Logitech Touchpad

The Essential Tablet Buying Guide – Part 2

online dealsLast week we broached the subject of tablet-purchasing, and the questions you must ask yourself before making a purchase in order to make sure you’re getting the best deal possible. This week, we’re continuing the guide with some more sage advice to consider before taking advantage of online shopping deals:

Where do you source your music, movies and games? If you’re an iTunes devotee, you’ll want to stick with Apple’s iPad, which comes with software that will allow you to download music, movies, games, podcasts and eBooks to keep you entertained while commuting or chilling out at home. On the other hand, Android devices boast Google Play, and the Amazon Kindle Fire HD offers exclusive access to Amazon video on demand in addition to Kindle books, magazines, apps, and music.

Where do you want to go online with your tablet? If you want to go online while on-the-go where Wi-Fi is unavailable, you’ll need to opt for a 4G-enabled tablet. Bear in mind that these tablets are usually considerably more expensive, and that network charges are dependent on the amount of data you use per month.

For discounts of over 50% on some leading tablets and tablet accessories, check out our electronics deals!

Not to be Missed Electronics Deals on Tablets

until sold outOne of the most recent innovations in consumer technology is the tablet. Lightweight and more portable than a laptop, convenient for whiling away a commute with an eBook or game, perfect for taking notes or making lists, and available in a broad range of stunning designs, this gadget is more a firm favorite than a short-lived fad.

Here at IceMonkey, we’re all about giving shoppers great online deals on tablets. Check out the below for an idea of what’s on offer:

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7″: Boasting a wealth of features, this 1Ghz Cortex A8 processor-powered tablet is a prime example of this gadget’s capabilities. Storing multimedia including pictures, videos and musics is a cinch with up to 32GB of expandable storage.

On sale now for just $149.99, shoppers can take advantage of a sizable discount of 50%.

Motorola XOOM 2 8.2″: Offering unrivaled durability, the XOOM can endure a good deal of wear and tear in comparison to other models. Its 8.2″ HD cinematic screen offers users a truly unique viewing experience, while the 5MP rear-facing camera makes taking crisp, high-quality photos easier than ever.

Retailing until sold out at the price of $219.99, the XOOM is discounted deeply from an original retail price of $629.99.

Streamline Your Scanning with this Online Shopping Deal

until sold outThe advent of affordable, space-conserving scanners has made several office tasks much simpler. Making digital copies of photos, contracts, invoices and receipts has been entirely streamlined due to huge leaps in technological development.

Prepare to be impressed yet further by this VuPoint Magic Wand portable scanner with auto-feed dock. This piece of equipment provides a fast and easy way to scan, organize and digitally archive documents, photos and more.

With the VuPoint Magic Wand, there is no computer required for scanning. Additionally, scans are saved directly (as JPG or PDF files) to a microSD card. The scanner is easily transported, and does not require you to be at your desk in order to scan important documents for keeping on file.

Some of the item’s other features and noteworthy points include:

• Approximate Scanning Length: 300 DPI = 130″ (max), 600 DPI = 90″ (max), 900 DPI = 60″ (max), 1200 DPI = 50″ (max)
• Auto-Feed Docking Station
• Portable, Lightweight Design
• Rechargeable Battery Lasts ~ 400 Scans

Currently on offer at $89.99, this convenient piece of modern technology is reduced from its considerably higher original recommended retailing price of $199.99. Retailing on an until sold out basis, this deal is short term only and not to be missed!

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The Beat Goes On with 10-packs of DCX Headphones

deal websitesFrom portable audio devices to iPhones to movie-watching on your laptop, headphones are nothing short of essential nowadays. But despite their importance, most of us have lost countless sets of them in the course of our lives to date.

It’s a reasonably familiar scenario: you are already late for work, eager to listen to that new podcast you just downloaded in an attempt to not fall asleep on the train to work, and yet your headphones are nowhere to be seen as you rush out the door. You rifle through your laundry basket, contemplate searching through the trash and eventually give up and resign yourself to the boring task of having to spend your lunch-break trekking to a store to buy a new pair.

Good news – until sold out Ice Monkey – the leader in electronic deals –  will be offering 10-packs of DCX noise-isolating headphones at a deeply discounted price! By purchasing a full 10 sets of headphones, you will have to do a lot of misplacing before your stock dries up. With a 1 year warranty, and a complete steal at the price of just $9.99 (reduced from $49.99), this 10-pack of headphones allows you to strategically place sets in the car, at your work desk, in your bedroom or even in your gym bag, so that you will never have to go without.

An Electronics Deal For Your Mac

electronics dealLooking to expand your Mac’s hard drive without having to swap it out for an entirely new one?  If so, we have the perfect electronics deal for you.  Iomega eGo Mac Edition and PC 500GB USB 2.0/FireWire 400/800 Portable External Hard Drive has all the extra HD space you need to fill with documents, pics, videos, as well as other important files.  This portable external hard drive has 500 GB of space; 1 FireWire 800 port; 1 FireWire 400 port, and 1 USB 2.0 port; this allows you to use it with any PC or Mac.  Talk about versatility!

As someone with a lot of files, one of these external hard drives is a must-have.  And with 500GB of space to use, it is hard to fathom realistically running out of space.  If anything you can just cut and paste whatever docs and files you need and move them from one place to another.  Its thin design and stylish red color fits perfectly with the latest Mac desktop or laptop.  You can get this hard drive for $74.99; that is 42% off of the normal retail price of $129.99.

If you needed – or wanted – a little extra space for your Mac, this is the electronics deal you have been waiting for.  Be sure to hop on it now!

500GB External Hard Drive

Online shopping dealsTransferring large amounts of data between computers using only a small thumb drive with 4GB of memory can be a time-consuming process.  And what if you need to store excess data from your PC’s hard drive?  You are going to need a large amount of space for things like these.  Thankfully, there are electronics deals like this: the Verbatim Titan XS 500GB Portable External Hard Drive with Rugged Rubber Casing.  With this much hard drive space at your disposal, you can solve all your memory needs with a single device.

This is perfect for on-the-go business travelers who have already filled their work laptop with so many important documents and files.  You can use this external hard drive to store other sensitive materials or you can even transfer your old stuff onto this one.  The Verbatim Titan XS is compatible with PCs and Macs and is simple to use; just plug it in and use it!  It is portable and its shock-resistant rubber coating will protect it from minor drops and normal use.  Its 2.0 USB connection means high-speed data transfers for little to no wait.  You can buy this wonderful device for just $74.99, which is a 42% discount off of its normal $129.99 price tag.  It is hard to say no to that!

This is an online shopping deal that you cannot miss out on!