Chill Your Whiskey Without Sacrificing Taste

online dealsWhiskey drinkers have it pretty rough sometimes. No, honestly– place yourself in their shoes. You have your stemless crystal tumbler in one hand and a new bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Label in the other. You see the problem, no? Ice, yes, ice! For hundreds of years, men and women have been forced to compromise the integrity of their scotch for the few cubes of ice to keep it chilled. Yes, friends, we deliberately age our whiskey 25 years or more, and for what?–the simple pleasure of a chilled drink. Well, if no other deal websites were going to step up and correct this travesty, we at Ice Monkey were happy to pick up the slack.

Introducing the Stone Cask Premium Soapstone Chilling Set, a 9-piece godsend here to uphold flavor and value. Now yes, we did mention soapstone, but come back to your computer. These are not the bars of soap your mother made you suck on for cursing. The Stone Cask chilling stones are odorless and tasteless. Simply freeze them like you would with regular ice cubes and drop them into your glass. And the brand is smart about their online deals too. These look like ice cubes, not neon building blocks.