Connect Macs and PCs with the Apple Airport Express

electronics dealsWhen you think of modern networking hardware, you probably hesitate to come up with an image that is pleasant to look at. Then again, you probably have not met the latest Apple AirPort Express Base Station yet. Flaunting a super sleek and compact shape, the Express can be considered a mini version of the AirPort Extreme, but with no shortage of features.

Until sold out, the newest AirPort Express will retail for only $84.99, or 15% off its regular price of $99.99. Perhaps the greatest addition in this model is true dual-band networking. This means the router broadcasts in both 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz frequencies. Because the Express operates in a higher frequency than home appliances and cell phones, the performance speed improves exponentially.

Casual router users may be most excited about the audio jack. With this, you can plug in your analogue or digital stereo system to the router and play your iTunes library wirelessly from your computer, iPhone, or iPad. Not only that, both Macs and Windows PCs can connect to the router for printing and general web surfing. Make haste,  friends. Like our other online deals, our stock meter will not stay full for long– especially with an Apple product!