Back Up iPhone Battery

“I spend 10 percent of my day plugging in things that have run out of battery,” tweeted comedian Colin Jost earlier today.

It’s true if you’ve seized on electronics deals and gotten yourself some sort of portable mp3 player, video game system or the most common: a battery sucking smartphone. Chances are you have felt this way too. Fiddling with electronics morning, noon and night will have an effect somewhere.

IOGEAR has heard your call and has a Portable Rechargeable Backup Battery for your iPhone or iPod. It offers you the opportunity for continued texting, calls, and access to all of your favorite apps, even if you will not be landing near a wall socket anytime soon.

The convenience of this accessory is clearly undeniable. The fact that you have not already researched and purchased one could be rooted, we suppose, in a variety of areas, but let’s just wisely assume it’s money. You know Ice Monkey, home of some of the web’s best online deals, has a steep discount. How does $15 off of the $24.99 asking price sound?

Pretty good no? Now there is no reason for your phone to die in a pinch. Don’t miss important calls or messages and buy an extra battery!