Discounted Altec Lansing In-Ear Headphones

electronics dealsSeeing the name Altec Lansing should already have our readers clicking to Ice Monkey’s deal website without further encouragement. But just in case you want to learn more, we will offer you even more insight into why you shouldbuy our amazing deal on the Backbeat Series In-Ear Headphones. Altec is a trusted name in audio equipment and customers can feel confident in the sweet sound quality of the headphones.

These in-ear headphones are noise isolating, so no more screaming children or talking coworkers to intrude upon your listening experience. The headphones feature a 40-1700Hz frequency and 17ohm impedance. With four sets of ear tips, each user can enjoy the perfect fit. The in-ear buds are brand new and normally retail for $39.99. Today’s online deal allows customers to purchase them for only $7.99, and with free shipping! That is a savings of 80%.

Finally listen to music the way it was intended to be heard without spending a fortune on headphones. But if you would like to couple the earbuds with a pair with an over-the-ear design, check out our deal on Beats Solo headphones, but act quickly because the stock meter is quite low on them. Be sure to check back frequently for more great deals on audio equipment.

Control the World with the Motorola XOOM Tablet

online dealsIf anybody thought the smartphone would be the last gadget ever needed, they were clearly wrong. Of course Steve Jobs knew this long before the rest of us. Thanks to the iPad, the tablet PC has become a viable reality. Controlling the world from a tablet may not be the most accurate description, but you can control every aspect of your own life from these nifty mobile computers.

On our deal website today we have the Motorola XOOM Tablet PC and the savings are enormous! The tablet retails for $599.99 and we’re offering it for $239.99! That’s a savings of 60% and a deal one cannot pass up. So what features can you enjoy? The 10.1” tablet comes with 32GB of storage, Wi-fi compatibility, and 720p HD video capture, and that’s just the beginning. The tablet runs on Google Android 3.0 with a dual-core processor, each core running at 1 GHz. The intuitive touchscreen has a holographic user interface, which makes widgets, multitasking, and browsing incredibly easy, and beautiful.

Check e-mails, type up reports, surf the web, and watch dozens of cat videos on YouTube for hours on this incredible tablet. The Motorola XOOM was the winner of the Best of Show in the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show, making it a highly sought after tablet. And for a limited time, you can score an amazing electronics deal on it. What are you waiting for?!

Electronics Deals for the Accident Prone

electronics deals

If you’re anything like me, you are a bit accident prone. Just last month I sprained my ankle fixing a leak in my basement. So my wife bought me a 7 LED Super Bright Water Resistant Adjustable Headlamp from Ice Monkey, her favorite deal website. I don’t dare venture into my basement without it.

It was not until after I got the headlamp that I began to realize just how useful it really is. I set it to strobe mode and wear it at night when I am riding my bike. It’s so bright and prominent that it’s hard for drivers to miss me. It is definitely better than the old dollar store red light I had on the back of my bike seat that nearly got me run over countless times because it was invisible from over 4 feet away. It’s also great when I am reading or using my computer in bed and my wife is sleeping.

I liked it so much I got one for my nephew. He wears it when he is going to the bathroom at night because he is afraid of the dark. He sleeps a lot easier knowing it is on his nightstand.  He also loves playing with it and running around the yard at night chasing moths. Who knew you could find such great electronics deals online?

Ice Monkey Online Shopping Deals for My College Student Son

When my son went off to college I wanted to get him something I knew he could use. I know space is limited in college dorm rooms and I wanted to get him something practical. The problem was his tuition was so high I could not really afford much.

That is why I like Ice Monkey; the prices are so low, and the stock meter lets me know how much time I have left to decide whether to buy an item. When shopping for my son, it was nice knowing I had options while I was deciding which online shopping deals to act on.

With the stock meter running low, I got him a Cuisinart Grind and Brew All-in-One Coffee Grinder and Brewer with Double Wall Insulated Carafe and Auto-Brew he was thrilled. He says he makes coffee for himself and his study buddies every night. After all, what college student does not drink coffee? I was happy too because I got such a great deal. Money is tight with his tuition being so high, but I did not want to feel like I could not get him something nice.

Ultimately, both my son and I were glad I used Ice Monkey and not any other deal websites.