Fun Deals for Kids!

Who’s ready for playtime? IceMonkey has some fun toys on sale for kids. The ABC Puzzle Playmat has been marked down from $70 to $25. It includes 86 foam pieces that kids can piece together to form a seven-foot by 4-foot mat. Perfect for classrooms, nurseries and playrooms, the playmat is soft, durable and water resistant. That’s exactly what you want for kids! It comes with a carrying case for easy storage at home or to bring to a friend’s house.

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Another fun product that kids can pack up and take on the go is the Deluxe Army Toy Soldiers Playset. It comes with a grand total of 100 pieces! Kids can fill the backpack with the toy soldiers, tank, planes, bunkers, flags and playmat. Originally $40, it’s now just $15 with our online deals.

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Kids love coloring and painting, but what parents love the mess? With the Crayola Digitools iPad Creativity Kits, kids can get their creativity flowing without the mess. There are three options to choose from: 3-D Pack, Airbrush Pack, and Effects Pack. A kit is available from IceMonkey for just $8, including a carrying case and a free downloadable app.


Until Sold Out Deals for Party Hosts

until sold outAre you particularly partial to hosting dinner parties? Fancy yourself as a domestic god(dess)?

Then, you simply can’t miss out on the amazing savings available on now.

Among our many online shopping deals live right now, you can find the following entertaining essentials:

Impress even the most discerning of wine connoisseurs with the digital wine thermometer. Featuring a large backlit display, this tool allows you to exactly pin-point the temperature of your favorite wine to ensure it’s served at its best. It includes the optimal serving temperatures for a total of 60 different wines and fortified wines, and conveniently beeps once the wine has reached the desired temperature.

Available now for just $6.99, down from $19.99.

Planning a Japanese-themed culinary celebration? Check out the current deal on non-stick 8″ sushi knives. These high-quality kitchen tools feature a non-stick coating and holes integrated into the blade of the knife which also prevent food from sticking to the surface. Additionally, they sport a rocker blade design and a very sharp stainless steel blade which make for effortless preparation of raw fish, vegetables, meat, and more.

Priced at $7.99, reduced from an original list price of $30.

Finally, stock up on kitchen utensils with the 5-piece sets now on offer for just $9.99, discounted by 50% from $19.99!

Find yet more bargains at the leading deal website now!

Let’s Get Tactical

online dealsIn a world full of TV shows, movies and video games about surviving in a world full of zombies, it’s hard to not imagine how your own survival skills measure up. One item that is sure to improve your odds of survival in any wilderness is a tactical folding knife from Frost Cutlery.

Until sold out, these formidable folding pieces of tactical awesomeness include stainless steel blades, liner lock mechanisms and Frostwood handles. Their ability to fold makes them ideal for carrying on a belt or pocket for easy survival access, or in a backpack or hiking pack for a long trek across mountains, deserts or forests.

If these functional blades didn’t have enough tactical coolness for you, the folks at Frost Cutlery have designed four unique styles and given them equally exceptional names. Depending on your knife needs, you will receive one of four styles named Midnight Ninja, Combat, Double Back, and Dark Hunger. Each knife includes a few unique features and a different color wood for each name.

With 75% off these online shopping deals, it’s hard to not get one of each; just in case. We do stress the utmost care while utilizing these tactical masterpieces; you won’t survive long in a zombie wilderness if you can’t handle your own knife!

Chill Your Whiskey Without Sacrificing Taste

online dealsWhiskey drinkers have it pretty rough sometimes. No, honestly– place yourself in their shoes. You have your stemless crystal tumbler in one hand and a new bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Label in the other. You see the problem, no? Ice, yes, ice! For hundreds of years, men and women have been forced to compromise the integrity of their scotch for the few cubes of ice to keep it chilled. Yes, friends, we deliberately age our whiskey 25 years or more, and for what?–the simple pleasure of a chilled drink. Well, if no other deal websites were going to step up and correct this travesty, we at Ice Monkey were happy to pick up the slack.

Introducing the Stone Cask Premium Soapstone Chilling Set, a 9-piece godsend here to uphold flavor and value. Now yes, we did mention soapstone, but come back to your computer. These are not the bars of soap your mother made you suck on for cursing. The Stone Cask chilling stones are odorless and tasteless. Simply freeze them like you would with regular ice cubes and drop them into your glass. And the brand is smart about their online deals too. These look like ice cubes, not neon building blocks.

Online Shopping Deals To Keep Your Drinks Cold

Online shopping dealsHave you ever forgot to buy ice?  Have you ever run out of ice before?  Need a way to keep your drinks cold without having to make new batches of ice every other day?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, check out this online shopping deal.

For $14.99 you can get Sipping Stones 9 Grey Whiskey Chilling Rocks made from 100% natural soapstone.  This price is 40% off its normal price of $24.99.  With Sipping Stones you do not have worry about watering down your drink and diluting the taste.  It takes much less time and effort to prepare Sipping Stones for use; all you have to do is stick them in the freezer prior to taking the first sip of your favorite drink.  This makes the perfect gift for drink connoisseurs.  Personally, I like to drink Scotch whiskey neat but every now and then I like it on the rocks.  With these stones keeping my drink cool I can enjoy nice, chilled Scotch whiskey without diluting the taste that I very much enjoy.

If you want to give a gift that is both unique and useful, these Sipping Stones certainly fit the bill. It is a great gift for drinkers and makes for a nice conversation piece as well.  Act quickly because this is an online shopping deal that is sure to go quickly.

Electronics Deals for Geeks

In the past decade the geek has turned from class reject to the most powerful person in the world. Despite losing many battles in their early years, they have clearly won the war into the popular culture. Today, geeks are the ones controlling the power players in the market, from Apple to..well, Apple. But there are plenty of proud geeks all around. And to monopolize this culture shift, many sites are now offering special geek products and gifts. But finding the right deal can be hard. Electronics deals are often a dime a dozen, but finding a really good deal is rare. That’s why it’s important to find the right site that can offer and back a good deal day after day. Online shopping deals have taken a larger role in the economy and are now a rising force in the retail industry. But as geeks know well, the really good deals are usually not in the popular mainstream sites. You have to look around and spot the sites that can give you a jaw-dropping deal. Then, you have to act fast because real deals don’t last too long online. And if they do, well, they’re probably not as good as you might think.

Bargain Hunting Online

Among the many communities that the internet has created and supported, none is more lively and active than the bargain hunting community. The bargain hunters are able to use the connections that the web creates in order to seek out the best online shopping deals, latest coupons, and special time sensitive mark downs. They use threads of conversation in online forums to discuss a variety of coupons and rate codes and by now, you can Google almost anything and add the word “coupon” to it, and you will probably find a thread where one of these bargain hunters asks: “anyone know a good coupon code for…?”

This new form of shopping is changing the way many consumers consume and buy things. Some extra time is being set aside to focus on lowering the price of the product they are searching for. And one of those sections that has seen a lot of price reduction on some sites is electronic deals. This has a profound influence on American shoppers specifically that have not always been known as customers that haggle and fight over a price with the seller. The anonymity of the internet allows many people who would regularly be too ashamed to ask for a better price, to find it for themselves in a matter of seconds.

Your Morning Fix Starts with Electronics Deals

You wake wake up. Sit up. Put your feet in the slippers on the side of the bed and start walking to the bathroom. Two minutes and ten seconds later, you are at the kitchen boiling water for your morning coffee. Morning routines are precious. Most people have their routine down to the second. Finding a way to make that routine faster or easier can save you precious morning time. One of those ways is how you make your coffee. For those who wish to save the four dollars each morning, a coffee machine only makes sense. After about a month of not buying your morning coffee you have already returned your investment. So finding the right coffee maker is an important step.

Some stores offer good coffee makers but the real action is online. Special discounts and electronics deals can be found only online, as merchants don’t have to pay rent for stores and can afford to sell you the same products for a better price. A great example is the Delonghi 12-cup drip coffeemaker. This coffeemaker can be purchased for around $70 at different stores. But search online and you can find it way cheaper. And this is only one of the online shopping deals that can be found. Take a minute to surf the web and you can save a lot of money and get some more precious free morning time added to your routine!

Well, Really, It’s No One’s Business How Much This Cost!

deal siteI love my grandma a lot, but she has a really terrible tendency to givg gifts and then immediately reveal how much they cost. “You like that sweater? Three dollars!” and “I got a great deal on these tube socks — guess how much they were. Guess!” are less occasional sayings and more slogans for her.

I just don’t get it — I know it’s the thought that counts, but I don’t want to know how much she spends on my birthday gifts. I’d almost rather she just send a card and avoid the whole gift thing, but the card would probably say something like, “99¢ for this card, can you believe it?!”

I suppose she’s proud — everyone loves to haggle down a price or find a really good deal. Trust me, I know the value of a dollar — I use deal websites like Ice Monkey, which has awesome online deals on just about everything you could imagine, all the time. But that doesn’t mean I go around telling people how much I spend on things! “Oh hey Trish, you know that necklace I got you? It was only $10.99! I know, crazy, right?”

Crazy indeed — that’s exactly how I’d sound if I did that. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think my grandma’s crazy — just a little… eccentric. She’d definitely go nuts over the online shopping deals at Ice Monkey!

Give Your Valentine’s Day Gift the Right Way

jewelry dealsLast week, we gave you some ideas on how to present electronic Valentine’s Day gifts. If you decided to skip the electronics deals and take advantage of the jewelry deals at Ice Monkey for V-Day, here are some more ideas:

1. (Note: This one, inspired by a proposal scene in Bride Wars, will depend on the size of the jewelry. It’s best-suited for rings or small earrings.) Take your lady out to a nice Chinese restaurant. Before you go, though, drop by and talk to the manager. Slip him a tip and ask him or her to put the jewelry in a fortune cookie, and then have it brought out to her for dessert.

2. Get her a box of chocolates (a clichéd, but time-honored classic), and rearrange the sweets to say “I love you,” with the jewelry sitting in the middle.

3. The night before Valentine’s day, put the jewelry on her while she sleeps. Wake her up the next morning with breakfast in bed, and see how long it takes her to notice her new gem!

4. Treasure hunt! Draw up a map and make clues to lead her to her gift. You can leave little treats along the way.

Any of these will give her a great story for years to come — just have fun with it!