10 Pairs of Ear Bud Headphones, Cheap!

Headphones are an integral part of any young urban professional’s life. You need entertainment for the train or bus. You need entertainment for remedial data entry and other so called “busy work” that your office job throws at you.  You will need simply to drown out the boredom that plagues you throughout the day, brought on for an entire generation by an attention span divided into a million different directions.

Anyone will tell you headphones, especially of the noise cancelling ear-bud headphones, are not long for this world. You lose them, lend them to a friend, or simply use them so much that they break in one of a variety of ways. Then you are left in commuter entertainment purgatory until you can make your way to the right store.

If you frequent Ice Monkey you probably have an idea of where this is going…

The electronics deals website has the most deals on headphones for you ever. How about ten pairs of noise isolating ear-bud headphones for the insane price of $9.99. That is a huge discount, particularly over the sorts of conveniently located establishments that you might pick up a pair of headphones from in a pinch.

If mobile entertainment matters to you, then go for these headphones right now!