Being the Best Aunt Ever with Online Shopping Deals

Electronics DealsPeople deride being an aunt, but it is hard work, especially during the holiday season. I need to gift shop  for my brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, not to mention all my friends and some of their kids. Parents complain about college tuition, but being an aunt can run you tens of thousands a year in gifts alone.

That was before I found out about the online shopping deals on Ice Monkey. The deals they offer make other “Deal” websites looks like paying retail. I was able to get my sister am 8GB Color Nook for $179.99. My boyfriend though he got a deal on the same item when he paid $215 on a different site. The electronics deals are unbeatable on Ice Monkey.

The same thing happened at my sewing circle. A girlfriend of mine was bragging about how she got her Niece a WII fitness bundle for only $45.99. I paid just $14.99 for the exact same item. Both our nieces will be happy come Christmas morning, but this aunt will be richer!

Ice Monkey is one stop shopping for my gift list. I know they have all the hottest items, and I know they have the lowest prices. Why whould I waste my time looking elsewhere?