Accessories for Your iPad at Low Prices

If you’re one of the many iPad owners out there, you’re in luck! IceMonkey‘s collection of electronics deals currently include a number of iPad accessories, just a few of which are featured below. Visit to browse through our electronics deals for even more iPad accessories.

  • The Asus VivoTab RT Dock with Keyboard is now 75% off from the deals website for just $49. It extends tablet charge up to 16 hours and has a nearly full-size QWERTY keyboard with a touchpad.


  • The Apple Official iPad Mini Smart Cover in black has a thin, minimal design made from durable polyurethane materials.  Besides acting as a protective cover for the screen, it can also function as a keyboard stand and open/close sleep detection. Get it from IceMonkey at 23% off the list price for $30.

until sold out

  • For those long car trips, the Universal Headrest Mount will keep your backseat passengers occupied watching movies, playing games or browsing the web. It’s easy to install, move from one car to another, and can adjust for a landscape or portrait view. Now $10, you’re getting a 75% savings with this online deal.

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Smartphones Over 80% Off!

Are you in the market for a new smartphone but don’t to spend a fortune? Come check out these awesome options at IceMonkey, the best electronic deals site on the web. They’re all over 80% off! Visit our website for even more options and for further details on the phones listed below.



HTC Thunderbolt for Verizon Wireless: $499  $75

  • 4G LTE Android smartphone
  • 1 GHz Snapdragon processor
  • Vibrant 4.3″ touchscreen display
  • 8 -megapixel camera
  • Front-facing camera for video chat
  • Support for Adobe Flash 10.1




Motorola Droid X2 MB870 for Verizon Wireless: $599 $69

  • 3G Android smartphone
  • Dual-core 1 GHz processor
  • 4.3″ qHD touchscreen display
  • 8-megapixel camera
  • HDMI port




LG VS920 Spectrum for Verizon Wireless: $599 $79

  • HD 4G Android smartphone
  • 1.5 GHz Snapdragon processor
  • 4.5 ” IPS display
  • 8-megapixel camera and 1080p video

Electronics Deals to Take On the Go!

IceMonkey is here with more digital deals for this holiday season! First up in online deals is the RCA EZ209HD. This 720p high-definition digital camcorder, featured below, has 3x digital zoom, built-in memory and MemoryManager software that allows you to share videos through YouTube, email and more. The RCA EZ209HD is perfect for recording on the go with its compact and easy to use design. Originally $529, this HD camcorder is available from IceMonkey at 77% off for just $129!


Another one of our awesome electronics deals for on the go is the VuPoint Solutions Magic Wand Portable Scanner. This HD Scanner has a MicroSD Card Slot and comes in a choice of five colors: green, red, blue, teal and white. Take a look at the photo below to see how easy it is to use. After scanning, just upload the JPEG image onto your PC or Mac computer using the USB cable that’s included. It’s fast and extremely convenient. The list price for this product is $129, but you can get it at 65% off for just $45!


For additional deals on electronics and other products, visit us at our new location: We’re constantly updating our inventory with awesome gifts for everyone in your life, so make sure that you check back regularly!

Online Deals for The Mobile Professional

Electronics Deals In today’s world, everyone is on the go. We’ve seen technology and lifestyles change in direct correlation to each other. As technology progresses, so does our dependence on it. The modern professional spends a great deal of time using screens. Whether for doing research, making appointments, or communicating, they hold their importance. Since the evolution of smart phones this can all be done on the go. Your office can be pretty much taken on the road now a days. This is super convenient, but can also pose a risk.

Say you are out of the office for the day traveling going from appointment to appointment. Most would use their smart phone to contact their co-workers and people with whom they have meetings, look up directions, and obtain any information they need throughout the day. This is all very doable, but a phone’s battery can only last so long. When not around an outlet, this could pose a major problem.

Right now Ice Monkey is offering some great electronic deals. You can stop worrying about charging your mobile phone with the T-Mobile Universal 400mAh Portable Battery Pack Plus for Micro USB Devices. This allows back-up power while on the go. Right now it’s available on Ice Monkey until sold out for 60% off of it’s list price at $19.99.

The Beat Goes On with 10-packs of DCX Headphones

deal websitesFrom portable audio devices to iPhones to movie-watching on your laptop, headphones are nothing short of essential nowadays. But despite their importance, most of us have lost countless sets of them in the course of our lives to date.

It’s a reasonably familiar scenario: you are already late for work, eager to listen to that new podcast you just downloaded in an attempt to not fall asleep on the train to work, and yet your headphones are nowhere to be seen as you rush out the door. You rifle through your laundry basket, contemplate searching through the trash and eventually give up and resign yourself to the boring task of having to spend your lunch-break trekking to a store to buy a new pair.

Good news – until sold out Ice Monkey – the leader in electronic deals –  will be offering 10-packs of DCX noise-isolating headphones at a deeply discounted price! By purchasing a full 10 sets of headphones, you will have to do a lot of misplacing before your stock dries up. With a 1 year warranty, and a complete steal at the price of just $9.99 (reduced from $49.99), this 10-pack of headphones allows you to strategically place sets in the car, at your work desk, in your bedroom or even in your gym bag, so that you will never have to go without.

Electronics Deal: Turn Anything into a Speaker with the Rock-It 2.0

online dealsHave you ever wanted to share a great new song with your friends, only to realize those tangled earbuds of yours are not going to do the trick for you and your three pals? Or maybe you just woke up. Do you really want to risk digital ear fatigue this early by sliding on those ginormous headphones? Well, we have an online deal for you!

Meet the OrigAudio Rock-It Speaker, or rather speaker-maker. The Rock-It can turn any object into a portable speaker for your audio device. And when we say “any object,” we mean it. Simply take the attached pod and stick it to anything–a tissue box, milk carton, garden gnome–and the vibrations generated by the Rock-It will literally make a speaker out of it.

If you own something with a standard headphone jack, you can use the Rock-It. Your mp3 player, laptop, even your phone, making this one of the coolest cell phone accessories around. Play it at home, the office, beach parties–imagine the party tricks you could pull off: “Oh, your speakers broke down last week? Let me just use your bowl of Potpourri instead!”

The device normally retails for $49.99, but at Ice Monkey, customers can take advantage of the low price of $12.99–that is over 70% off! Snatch this deal before it is too late.

Must-Have Cell Phone Accessories: The Motorola Charger

cell phone accesoriesIntroducing the Motorola Dual Port Universal Charger, the undisputed king of all electronic deals, now available at Ice Monkey. Even if you are the tech savviest of individuals, perhaps the following has happened to you. At some point, maybe you were at a friend’s house, the airport, your workplace, or a bar and when you pulled out your phone, you were greeted by the most dreaded icon known to humanity: the blinking low battery. And of course, never could it have popped up at a more inconvenient time. We know the feeling, and to be honest, we never wanted to feel that powerless again.

With this handy little device, never again will you helplessly watch as your cellphone shuts down in the middle of an important text message or phone call. Simply plug it into any wall outlet and help yourself to the two available USB ports for quick and easy charging. Best of all, the Motorola Charger works with all devices and automatically adjusts to different voltages. Forget about a converter or additional cellphone accessories, this device provides short circuit protection so there is absolutely no risk to the gadgets hooked up. When you are done, simply fold up the AC blades!

Back Up iPhone Battery

“I spend 10 percent of my day plugging in things that have run out of battery,” tweeted comedian Colin Jost earlier today.

It’s true if you’ve seized on electronics deals and gotten yourself some sort of portable mp3 player, video game system or the most common: a battery sucking smartphone. Chances are you have felt this way too. Fiddling with electronics morning, noon and night will have an effect somewhere.

IOGEAR has heard your call and has a Portable Rechargeable Backup Battery for your iPhone or iPod. It offers you the opportunity for continued texting, calls, and access to all of your favorite apps, even if you will not be landing near a wall socket anytime soon.

The convenience of this accessory is clearly undeniable. The fact that you have not already researched and purchased one could be rooted, we suppose, in a variety of areas, but let’s just wisely assume it’s money. You know Ice Monkey, home of some of the web’s best online deals, has a steep discount. How does $15 off of the $24.99 asking price sound?

Pretty good no? Now there is no reason for your phone to die in a pinch. Don’t miss important calls or messages and buy an extra battery!