Control the World with the Motorola XOOM Tablet

online dealsIf anybody thought the smartphone would be the last gadget ever needed, they were clearly wrong. Of course Steve Jobs knew this long before the rest of us. Thanks to the iPad, the tablet PC has become a viable reality. Controlling the world from a tablet may not be the most accurate description, but you can control every aspect of your own life from these nifty mobile computers.

On our deal website today we have the Motorola XOOM Tablet PC and the savings are enormous! The tablet retails for $599.99 and we’re offering it for $239.99! That’s a savings of 60% and a deal one cannot pass up. So what features can you enjoy? The 10.1” tablet comes with 32GB of storage, Wi-fi compatibility, and 720p HD video capture, and that’s just the beginning. The tablet runs on Google Android 3.0 with a dual-core processor, each core running at 1 GHz. The intuitive touchscreen has a holographic user interface, which makes widgets, multitasking, and browsing incredibly easy, and beautiful.

Check e-mails, type up reports, surf the web, and watch dozens of cat videos on YouTube for hours on this incredible tablet. The Motorola XOOM was the winner of the Best of Show in the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show, making it a highly sought after tablet. And for a limited time, you can score an amazing electronics deal on it. What are you waiting for?!

A Steal on a Rugged Olympus Digital Camera

online dealsIce Monkey never ceases to offer amazing online shopping deals and today is no different. We’re offering a sweet discount on an Olympus 14MP Digital Camera. The camera literally has it all in the way of features. Although it’s not a DSLR, you can still enjoy stunning picture quality with 14MP and a 5x optical zoom. The camera is perfect for those living a rugged life. Whether you’re out kayaking or scaling a mountain top, you can capture it all on film, well digital film so to speak.

The TG-810 can handle drops up to 6.6 feet and can operate underwater and in snowstorms. Wherever you go, so can the TG-810, without skipping a beat, or a picture to be more precise. It can take pictures underwater as deep as 33 feet. The shock absorbers allow it to take a tumble, it is freeze-proof down to 14°F, and the reinforced LCD can withstand 220 pounds of pressure. And because you’ll be taking the camera on all sorts of adventures, you can record your location with the GPS function. The camera comes with an AC adapter, A/V cable, USB cable, wrist strap, and software CD-ROM.

But now for the big reveal: How much does it cost? This electronics deal can be yours for only $179.00. The camera retails for $430.00, a savings of $250.01! We have a large stock, but it will go fast, don’t let this deal slip away.

Act Fast on Today’s Online Shopping Deal

online dealsToday’s online shopping deal is almost gone and that’s because it’s a truly awesome one. Today you can purchase the OttorBox Defender case for just $17.99. If you know anything about iPhone cases, then you should be well aware that this is one of the most popular choices. The case is for all iPhone 4 and 4s models and has a textured silicone exterior to improve grip. An inner felt line cushions the phone and protects against any scratches. There is even an interior membrane to eliminate static, bubbles, and oil slick appearance.

To sweeten the deal, the case also comes with a holster which doubles as a stand for hands-free use. OtterBox has long reigned supreme when it comes to durable iPhone cases. The case is compatible with both the AT&T and Verizon iPhone 4 and 4s. With a savings of $32, you can’t beat this electronics deal. Three colors were originally available but we currently only have the black silicone with hot pink plastic and the hot pink silicone with white plastic. Considering how quickly the red and black sold out, there isn’t much time left to take advantage of this deal.

But if you miss out, check back to Ice Monkey frequently to find awesome deals on other great products and you never know when a case like this might make its way back into our grasp.

Electronics Deal: Portable Mini Speakers

online shopping dealsIt’s hard to find people who do not enjoy the sweet sounds of music. Most of us have mp3 players or we use our smartphones to carry our vast collections with us when we’re out and about. Most of the time the music is being kept to ourselves. We invest in quality earbuds or headphones to keep the music in and block exterior sounds out. But what about those times when we’re with friends and we want to share the musical experience?

Portable mini speakers are the ideal solution and you do not have to spend a fortune to buy a set. Today’s electronics deal from Ice Monkey is a Vaas portable mini speaker with a rechargeable battery. With battery operation and a size small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, you can take these speakers with you wherever you go. They feature a USB connection and a 40mm neodymium driver with great bass performance. Simply connect them through any audio device with a 3.5mm connection.

The retail price is $29.99, but today’s online deal allows you to purchase them for a mere $9.99! That’s nearly 70% off the original price. Music is meant to be shared and now you can share it, affordably, thanks to Ice Monkey.

A Sweet Electronics Deal

online dealsLooking for a little gaming on the go?  Are you in the market for a tablet and you do not want to break the bank?  Then we have found the electronics deal for you: Dell Streak 7″ 16GB Android Tablet with Wi-Fi and Memory Card Slot.

The Dell Streak uses Android’s 3.2 Honeycomb Operating System that will allow you to download and use the latest apps for on-the-go functionality and entertainment.  This Android tablet comes with 16GB built-in storage so you can have a bunch of your music, videos, and apps all in one place.  You an even expand its memory capacity up to 32GB with its SD/MMC/SDHC memory card slot.  So really, there is not much holding you back from putting in as much stuff as you want in there.  Want to take pictures and video with your tablet?  No problem!  The Dell Streak has a rear-facing 5 megapixel camera – it also has a front-facing 1.3 megapixel camera.

If you have access to the Internet via hot spot or your at home, the tablet uses 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi.  You can get all of these features for $149.99; that is 63% off the normal price of $250.01.

If you have always been on the lookout for a great tablet then this online deal is for you.

An Electronics Deal For Your Mac

electronics dealLooking to expand your Mac’s hard drive without having to swap it out for an entirely new one?  If so, we have the perfect electronics deal for you.  Iomega eGo Mac Edition and PC 500GB USB 2.0/FireWire 400/800 Portable External Hard Drive has all the extra HD space you need to fill with documents, pics, videos, as well as other important files.  This portable external hard drive has 500 GB of space; 1 FireWire 800 port; 1 FireWire 400 port, and 1 USB 2.0 port; this allows you to use it with any PC or Mac.  Talk about versatility!

As someone with a lot of files, one of these external hard drives is a must-have.  And with 500GB of space to use, it is hard to fathom realistically running out of space.  If anything you can just cut and paste whatever docs and files you need and move them from one place to another.  Its thin design and stylish red color fits perfectly with the latest Mac desktop or laptop.  You can get this hard drive for $74.99; that is 42% off of the normal retail price of $129.99.

If you needed – or wanted – a little extra space for your Mac, this is the electronics deal you have been waiting for.  Be sure to hop on it now!

An Electronics Deal To Keep the Music In Your Ears

electronics dealI have an iPod.  I make use of it everyday; commuting to and from work, working out at the gym, while writing at my desk, or even just doing chores around the house.  But there have been times, for one reason or another, my headphones just would not work anymore.  Either one of the earbuds would not work or the cord would tear.  In either case, it is bad news all around.

For these reasons this electronics deal has me interested: 10-Pack!! DCX Noise Isolating Headphones – Never Be Without Again.  Yes, you read that right; you get a pack of 10 noise cancelling headphones.  I have personally never heard of such a electronics deal before and quite frankly, this sounds all sorts of sweet.  You never have to worry about either losing your headphones or having them break on you without a backup to keep the music going.  I always hated breaking my headphones and not having music to listen to until I buy another set.  Odds are, I would have to pay a premium for new ones.

This deal, however, only costs $9.99, which is a whopping 80% off of its normal price of $49.99.  I dare you to find a better deal than this!

Need USB Memory? Check Out This Electronics Deal

electronics dealThe days of carting around bulky and heavy external hard drives are a thing of the past and thankfully so.  Who wants to lug around one of those things everywhere you go when you have a 2-Pack! SanDisk Cruzer 4GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive?  Yup, you definitely read that right.  This awesome electronics deal offers not one, but two, portable 4GB USB sticks.  If you have a bunch of important files – including pics and videos – that you need to bring with you on your next important meeting these will do the job adequately.  And even better than that piece of news is that you can get this 2-pack now for only $7.99; that is 68% off its normal retail price of $24.99!

As far as deals go for USB sticks this is one of the best deals I have seen thus far.  They are very cheap and the utility of USB sticks are such that it is hard for me to fathom carrying around an external hard drive or laptop.  These little things can carry so much data that neither of the two things I just mentioned are necessary unless you plan to carry a whole lot of stuff.

Want a electronics deal that is very worth your while?  Here it is.

Taking Pics With This Electronics Deal

electronics dealWant to take a picture of that perfect spring outing?  Want the memories from the wedding recorded for all time?  If so, then this electronics deal is for you!  The Fujifilm FinePix 14MP Digital Camera With 10x Optical Zoom and 720pHD Video Capture will allow you take awesome pictures and videos of the memorable occasions that mean the most to you.  The camera has a 14MP solution for excellent clarity; a 10x optical zoom to focus on the farthest subjects; smile/blink detection; 720p high-def video capturing at 30fps; motion panorama mode to piece together 3 separate pictures; tracking auto-focus to keep your pictures looking crisp and clear; and face recognition technology that will allow you to program 8 faces into the camera.  Talk about a fully-loaded device!  You can get this factory re-certified camera for only $79.99 ; that is 47% off the normal retail price of $149.99.

In the box you will get the Fujifilm FinePix Digital Camera, a battery and battery charger, USB cable, software CD, and camera strap.

Great – and cheap – cameras are hard to come by but luckily for you, you now have the heads-up with this absolutely sweet electronics deal.  So be sure to hop on this sweet deal now before it runs out!

Holiday Gear for Nature Lovers and Sleuths Alike

until sold outFans of the recently posted spy watch well definitely be fans of the Bionic Ear Nature Observer w/ Recording, Playback Dish & Headphones. Cameras and other surveillance equipment are important to any spy-like mission or investigation, but the real juice is in hearing what the conversation is between the different parties. This allows you to see, hear, and audio record conversations from 300 feet away. You will know exactly what is going down, who is backstabbing who, who is up to no good, and who you can trust. Since there is a frequency controller you can easily hone in on the precise sound and not worry about other background noises.

If spying and sleuthing is not your thing, you can also use the Bionic Ear Nature Observer w/ Recording, Playback Dish & Headphones to record and watch animals at a safe distance. You can record their calls or the soothing sounds of nature.

This item makes a great gift for the holiday season for the spy or nature lover in your family, and at under $20 it’s a great electronics deal. Make sure you act on this because the supply is limited and the Bionic Ear Nature Observer w/ Recording, Playback Dish & Headphones is being vended until sold out. So act now!