Deals on Cool Gadgets for Your TV

TV sure isn’t what it used to be! Improve your TV-watching experience with these cool gadgets from IceMonkey. They’re all available at great prices (of course!) but they’re only available until sold out. Check them out below!

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The TERK Digital Flat Indoor Antenna brings your HDTV superior reception that picks up further stations! Its design allows for 360 degree reception so that it doesn’t need to be adjusted and it comes with a three-way mounting bracket. Get this electronics deal from IceMonkey at a discounted price of just $25.

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3D TVs are the future movie viewing! What was once available just in the theaters can now be a part of your everyday experience at home. IceMonkey has the NextGen 3D Active Glasses reduced from an original price of $100 to $45. That’s more than 50% off! They are compatible with all major 3D TVs and come with travel accessories.

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The Logitech Harmony Touch Remote brings together your entire entertainment system in one high-tech remote. You can customize 50 channel icons to save your favorites. Listed at a price of $250, you can get this electronics deal from IceMonkey for a discounted price of $169.

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New Electronics Deals from Logitech

When you think technology, you think Logitech. The company has been at the forefront of producing computer products for years, with top quality keyboards, mice, webcams and more. IceMonkey has two awesome electronics deals on Logitech products for tech lovers!

The Logitech Gaming Keyboard G510 is the perfect accessory for gamers with game panel LCD and custom-color back-lighting. You can customize the controls to exactly your preferences to get the best gaming experience. Get all the details on the keyboard’s capabilities by clicking the image below. It’s available for just $60 – that’s 70% off – from IceMonkey.

Logitech Gaming Keyboard

For Windows 8 users who want the best touch technology, the Logitech Rechargeable Touchpad T650 is for them. The touchpad’s sensors allow for amazing accuracy on all 13 possible gestures and its glass surface gives you effortless smooth control of navigation.  It’s easy to charge by USB and the charge lasts one month. Get it at 68% off for just $29 until sold out!

Logitech Touchpad

Top Picks: Classic Comics, TVs and More!

IceMonkey’s collection of online deals right now is unbeatable! We’ve picked out a few of the items currently in stock to showcase here on the IceMonkey blog. Remember, they’re only available until sold out, so if you see something you like, you have to grab it fast!

At a whopping 93% off the estimated price of $500, you can get the Classic Comic Books with Collector Cards for just $35. Comic book fans will love these rare collectibles, including X-Men, Spiderman, Batman, Superman and more. With vintage storytelling and artistry from the golden age of comics, these comics will make an awesome addition to your collection. You also get 10 Sealed Packs of Non-Sports Collector Cards and six randomly chosen Sealed Packs of Non-Sports Collector Cards.



If you’re in the market for a new LED TV, IceMonkey has the Haier 24-Inch LED 1080p TV with Built-in DVD Player for less than half the original price for just $169.  For anyone that gets annoyed when the volume changes during commercials (who doesn’t?), the TV also features the Auto Volume Leveler so that you won’t have to constantly adjust the volume level. The Haier TV connects easily to cable boxes, Blu-ray players and gaming systems.  It even has a USB port for your own videos, pictures and music.


Other hot deals from IceMonkey include the Philips WiFi 3D Blu-ray Player for $55, a 3-pack of Insta Heat Hand Warmers for $8, and the Logitech Z313 Speaker System for $25. Come to to see even more products!

Awesome Electronic Gifts Until Sold Out!

It’s gift giving season! One of the most exciting times of year for many. Unfortunately, one’s wallet may take a hit during the holidays. Luckily, Ice Monkey has some awesome electronics deals at very low prices.

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We’d like to first look at piece of computing hardware that has been overlooked by the average consumer in recent years. The desktop computer has been put on the back burner as portable technology has become the norm. As tablet PCs and cheaper laptops begin to flood the masses, don’t you want a reliable information system for your home? Trusting all of your information on a portable device may be convenient, but very unsafe. Right now you can grab the Dell Optiplex GX620 SFF for 64% less than it’s list price at just $179.

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Next, we’d like to take a look an an extremely useful accessory for any portable electronic product user. The myCharge Summit 3000 Rechargeable Power Bank allows you to go about your day with ease, not worrying about your electronic device running out of power. This piece comes with a built in Apple charger, and built in USB charging cables. Right now you can grab this item for just $18 through Ice Monkey. Check out the website for even more online shopping deals.

Electronics Deals On Headphones


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Everyone knows that Apple products can run a bit high. While their standard of quality is above many brands, the skyrocketing price tags can tend to be a bummer. Most of you who have purchased an Apple product in the past, whether it be an iPod or an iPhone, know how awesome the headphones included with them are. The sound is incredible, packing studio quality into ear buds.The new generation of apple earbuds feature a style more conducive to fitting comfortably inside the ear. Instead of having to awkwardly fidget them to fit, they slide into the ear more easily and minimize sound loss.

Right now Ice Monkey is offering an awesome online shopping deal on Original Apple Earpod Headsets. For those of you who have lost your Apple headphones, which i’m sure is many of you, this is your chance to get them back without breaking your wallet! You can grab these quality, brand new sound pieces for half of their retail price at just $15. This is the cheapest you will ever find them, as Apple products seldom go on sale. You can check out this awesome deal as well as a large selection of electronics deals by visiting Ice Monkey online.

Cell Phone Accessories For Less

electronics deals Ice Monkey is currently offering some crazy deals on cell phone accessories until sold out. The first one we’d like to take a look at this week enables one to go about their day without worrying about their iPhone or iPod going dead.

When you’re nowhere near a power source things can get a little nerve wracking in terms of keeping your phone powered. While sometimes this can be OK, at other times it’s a hassle. Say you have work to finish up using your iPhone or iPad, but nowhere to charge it. This could pose a huge problem. What if you’re a parent and you’re far away form your children? Don’t you want to make sure that you are available to be reached in case of an emergency?

Right now Ice Monkey is offering the Monoprice 1900mAh Backup Battery Pack for just $4.99. By purchasing this item you can rest easy that your love ones will be able to get in touch with you when needed!

Ice Monkey is also offering online deals on the New Griffin TuneFlex Hands-Free Car Mount for iPhone and iPod for $42.00 off of it’s list price at just $7.99. This allows you to listen to music in your car as well as talk on the phone without using your hands, making it a safe ride for all!

Electronics Deals Just Added

Ice Monkey has been serving up some serious savings until sold out this week! While some items stay on the shelves for quite some time, others go very quickly!

Today I’d like to take a look at some items recently added to the Ice Monkey inventory that are still in high stock!

online dealsRight now you can grab the iPhone 3G for only $99.99 unlocked! This is a steal, as you are saving 75% off the list price of $399! Want an iPhone but not looking to dish out your life savings? This is the perfect opportunity for you. Not only is this a cell phone with a media player, but if has WiFi access, email access, an internet browser, and supports a large variety of media file types.

Looking to take one step further? Grab the unlocked Apple Iphone 3GS with twice the amount of memory. The 32gb Iphone 3GS can be yours for just $139.99, which is also quite the deal as it has a retail price of $449.99!

Take a trip over to the Ice Monkey website. We are currently offering some incredible online deals. There’s something for everyone! Act quickly as these deals only last as long as the items stay in stock!

Electronics Deals For The Night

Kids like to adventure and discover. What better way for your child to take advantage of the night than by owning a pair of Night Scope Binoculars?

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Right now Kids Night Scope 4×30 Binoculars with 25ft night viewing range, super bright LED light and carabiner are available until sold out through Ice Monkey.  The night option on this product has to be the most appealing feature, and definitely a favorite for the kids. These will keep your child adventuring and happy!

Another cool item available currently is the FineLife LED Light Message Board. This product comes with a built-in stand, and a bonus easy erase marker pen. With the FineLife LED Light Message Board you can make all of your messages glow. Not only is this entertaining, but makes your to-do lists or goals stand out and easy to read! This sign can be displayed in both portrait and landscape orientation, and is lightweight and durable.

In addition to these luminous bargains, there’s a large number of online shopping deals available on Ice Monkey until sold out.  From mattress covers, to pocket knives, to cologne, to lamps, there’s something for everyone. Head on over to the website to check out the complete selection!


Electronics Deals For Your Ears

Ice Monkey is currently offering some exceptional deals until sold out through their website. This week a few different electronics deals are sure to catch your attention. Let’s take a look at some awesome home and personal audio equipment.

online shopping deals The Logitech Speak System with 200 Watts is a great unit. Having owned Logitech sound equipment in the past, I am thoroughly impressed with the pricing of this unit. This unit features studio-quality THX – certified audio and deep, fat bass you can feel. The 200 watt system helps provide you with loud but clean sound, and the dial on the unit allows you change the levels with ease. Another nice feature is the bass control, which some speakers lack. with bass control, you can easily turn down, or turn up the bass, while leaving the rest of the sound at it’s normal level. You can own these speakers for 54% less than the list price at $79.99 through Ice Monkey.

While supplies last you can also grab The Logitech Ultimate Ears Noise Isolating Headset for a fraction of it’s list price.  These feature enhanced deep sounds, in-line volume control, and a smartly positioned microphone and remote to make communication as easy as possible. This piece is available until sold out for just $19.99.


Electronics Deals Under $10

online shopping dealsIce Monkey has been running some incredible until sold out deals. Within it’s “Under $10″ section on the website some great electronics deals can be found.

Picture yourself in an emergency situation. Everything is very hectic, but your top concerns must be to remain calm, ensure everyone is safe, and get some help. When involved in a car accident, making sure that the area is protected and noticeable can be a life of death situation. Right now, Ice Monkey is offer Emergency Warning 6 LED Flasher Triangle with High Visibility range at a fraction of it’s list price. You can ensure you’re visible in an emergency for 70% off the retail price of this item for only $5.99.

Another great electronic deal running right now until sold out is a new twist on the classic piggy bank. With the M&M’s Digital Coin Counting Money Saver Jar you can throw all your coins in without worrying about counting them! Every coin inserted in to the jar will be counted and your total amount will be displayed at the top on an easy-to-read LCD screen!  Grab this exciting money saving tool for only $6.99 on the Ice Monkey website! Get yours today!