Stay Safe with the Olight Triton Flashlight

online dealsYou never know when you may need a flashlight. Well, actually– you do know: when it gets dark. But you cannot always predict when you will find yourself hurtling headfirst into darkness, so a flashlight is a good thing to have.

Not one of our standard electronics deals, the Olight Triton M30 flashlight is nevertheless well-crafted and essential. The build quality is rugged, dependable, and perfect for both wild excursions and finding that basement fuse box on the fritz. The Triton M30 also benefits from direct input from law enforcement and military professionals. And for those who think operating a flashlight is too simple with only the click of a button, the M30 sports three brightness levels and a strobe setting for either life-and-death emergencies or trippy parties.

If this flashlight still is not tough enough for you, both sides feature a removable striking bezel for “close quarter combat defense.” Yes, this flashlight doubles as a weapon but let us not forget its more practical advantages like battery life. The M30’s advanced digital power management system guarantees consistent brightness, even if you use up its maximum 80-hour runtime. All of these make this flashlight one of our greatest online shopping deals yet!