Electronics Deals for the Accident Prone

electronics deals

If you’re anything like me, you are a bit accident prone. Just last month I sprained my ankle fixing a leak in my basement. So my wife bought me a 7 LED Super Bright Water Resistant Adjustable Headlamp from Ice Monkey, her favorite deal website. I don’t dare venture into my basement without it.

It was not until after I got the headlamp that I began to realize just how useful it really is. I set it to strobe mode and wear it at night when I am riding my bike. It’s so bright and prominent that it’s hard for drivers to miss me. It is definitely better than the old dollar store red light I had on the back of my bike seat that nearly got me run over countless times because it was invisible from over 4 feet away. It’s also great when I am reading or using my computer in bed and my wife is sleeping.

I liked it so much I got one for my nephew. He wears it when he is going to the bathroom at night because he is afraid of the dark. He sleeps a lot easier knowing it is on his nightstand.  He also loves playing with it and running around the yard at night chasing moths. Who knew you could find such great electronics deals online?