Great Deal on an HP Digital Picture Frame

online dealsLife is just a series of moments. Moments that are already over as soon as they arrive. With infinite moments come infinite memories, which sadly fade over time. We cannot relive any moment in time, but we can capture small fractions and keep them forever in a photograph. It is as close as we are going to get. We all have thousands of photographs thanks to the magnificent invention of the digital camera. Too bad it is impossible to display each and every one in the home.

With today’s online shopping deal you can though! Soon digital frames will be the only picture frames anyone buys. How can you force yourself to display only a set amount of pictures in the home when you have so many amazing shots to choose from? The HP Digital Picture Frame allows the owner to display thousands of images and videos in high resolution. All you need is a memory card. Create slideshows and enjoy videos thanks to conveniently built-in speakers.

Note that the frame does not include a remote and comes with an aftermarket stand. The digital frame retails for $149.99, but Ice Monkey is selling it for a mere $39.99. That is a savings of over $100!