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The phone has become one of the most important personal technological devices out there. Some people change phones as often as they get their teeth cleaned, others stick with the same old block phone year after year. At Ice Monkey Blog, we’ll bring you great tips on hot new phones. We’ll talk about technical or new terms, like what it means for a phone to be “jailbroken” or “unlocked,” and we’ll tell you all about cool and fun apps for you to check out on your smartphone, and more!

We’ll offer reviews on some of the latest tech from all of the biggest phone brands and tell you about great new features to check out so that you’ll have more fun every time you pull out your phone for some texting, voice communication, or web browsing.

Ice Monkey blog is also here to offer you the latest news on the future of phones and next generation technology. As more research about the health impacts cell phone use emerges, Ice Monkey blog will keep you posted on all the most recent developments and separate rumor from science, so that you’ll be able to use your phone with the latest information on how it may affect you.

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