New from Nyrius: Portable Speaker Dock

electronics dealsSo you already have your iPhone. If you have ever listened to headphones for an extended period of time, you probably have suffered the phenomenon known as ear fatigue, especially if you pump nothing but digital audio into those precious tympanic cavities and membranes of yours. A recent video test found that the latest iPhone 5 features the loudest speaker volume of any of the previous models, but if you own an older iPhone, our electronics deals can give you something better than sheer decibels.

The Nyrius Ultra-Portable Rechargeable Speaker Dock turns your phone into a professional, on-the-go media device. Simply slide your phone into the pod-like wheel and all at once, you are ready to watch videos and play games effortlessly. Not only do you get five hours of heavy media use, the attachment also charges your iPhone whether it is plugged in or not!

Nyrius created the speaker dock with serious gamers in mind. If you receive a call in the middle of a game, the dock automatically redirects the call to the speakerphone so you never have to fumble around or pause what you are doing. With a currently high stock, these will not last long–only $29.99 until sold out!