iPod Alternatives And The Death of The Zune

A few weeks back, maybe a month ago something happened that took a big bite out of healthy competition in business. The Zune, the most famous alternative portable mp3 player to the iPod, was discontinued. There have been other players in the portable mp3 game, I can recall having a very early model of one with a strikingly limited memory space while Napster was still in business. (I feel like that was decades ago.) In spite of that the iPod and Mac’s digital music dominance has been pretty much unshakable and the Zune simply could not hang on anymore.

Still there remains some alternatives for those of us fighting the good fight for a more open marketplace. Many of them you can get online shopping deals on. The 8GB 6th Generation Touch Digital MP3/MP4 Player looks sleek and is compact, like an iPod Mini. It also features voice recording something your iPod Mini does not have. Another option is the Sandisk Sansa Clip Plus 4 GB MP3 Player. This has a great function for those of us with seemingly endless musical collections, you can give it more memory as it fills up.

There are always options when making a purchase. Electronics deals can be a great way to vote with your dollar. So if you are feeling anti-corporate this might be a good place to start.