Online Shopping Deals of Summer

I admit I am a recent convert to online shopping; I used to worry about purchasing an item without personally inspecting its quality.  Thankfully, I have seen the error of my ways; the products I order over the internet never disappoint me and the online shopping deals I find are unparalleled.

The best bargains I find are for electronic deals. My most recent acquisition was the amazing Mark Feldstein Set of 2 Indoor/Outdoor Wireless Speakers! They have bass boost and broadcast wirelessly up to 150 feet, which is perfect when I am hosting party and people are wandering from the house to the backyard.
These speakers are definitely my favorite new toy. I love music and sharing it with others. Since I live near the beach, I frequently entertain out-of-town friends at my home during these warm weather months, and I love that I can provide our evenings with a soundtrack.

I also do PR for a band and the audio system allows me to shamelessly but tastefully promote their music and share my interests with others. By taking advantage of online shopping deals, I am able to afford my hobbies. Nurturing my passions fuels my lust for life, which I find more valuable than any material object.