Spy Camera Pens!!!

I often find myself looking around Ice Monkey‘s website searching for great electronics deals and just generally seeking fun. But sometimes I show up at the site and fun finds me. Today was one of those days.

The seer diversity and volume of exciting toys, games, appliances, and gadgets over at Ice Monkey are astounding. But today I was shocked to find an incredible deal on something I had only ever seen in the movies. Good movies. Like the kinds of movies that are about espionage or the future or even better future-espionage. It was a Spy Camera Pen and it looked absolutely awesome.

Usually retailing at fifty bucks these guys were selling them for half that! I was so excited I ordered two right away. They have not yet arrived but now I know, Ice Monkey is not only a place for jewelery deals and regular consumer electronics deals. It is also a place for advanced futurist technology and things to add to my Batman style utility belt.

To Say I’m excited would be a psychotic under statement. I am so incredibly pumped to use my spy cams and to upload all kinds of salacious videographic discoveries to YouTube, Vimeo, and anyone else who will have me.